Registered Club No:8212     Tel : 07976 572203




Club Rules

Pay before you play.

Have long hair tied up at all times.

Keep fingers and toe nails cut short at all times.

Have strict personal hygiene



Wear jewellery on the mat.

Wear glasses on the mat.

Leave the mat with out first speaking to the Senior Coach.

Walk off the mat without Zori / Trainers.

Stop to take a drink in the middle of a practice.


Players Code of Conduct:


Play for fun - or it is not worth playing

Control your temper.

Learn the rules of the game and stick to them.

Not to over react when injured.

Never argue with the referee or officials.

Treat all players and officials with respect.

Never use foul or abusive language.

Parents/Supporters Code of Conduct:

As spectators we will set a good example of sportsmanship and refrain from booing or yelling at players or officials at any time during a contest.

We must appreciate that officials do not always have the same observation point as spectators.

We must understand that players are often young people, not professionals, who sometimes, due to inexperience and great enthusiasm, make mistakes.

We should understand that the coach is best placed to analyse and correct deficiencies in judo skills. Our attempts to be helpful in this respect may only confuse the players.

We should realise that in judo, as in other aspects of life, it is not always possible to win no matter how extreme the effort.

The real aim of judo competition is to have fun, to be able to participate and improve skills, to learn sportsmanship, to develop a group loyalty, to compete within established rules, to accept decisions of authorized officials, and to develop sound minds and bodies.

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