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Judo is one of the few sports accessible to almost anyone, including children, adults, senior citizens, even people with disabilities. Because it emphasizes physical and mental development, its influence extends to every area of a person's life. Physically, Judo improves flexibility, coordination, balance and reflexes. It is a means of self-defense that requires skill rather than just size or strength. Mentally, it promotes concentration, self-confidence and leadership. Because Judo requires a clear and focused mind, it encourages participants to be fully present in the moment. They become more observant and better able to channel their mental and physical energy. Judo participants benefit from practice, but just as important, they learn respect for others. With its strict moral and ethical principles, and its humanitarian approach to life, Judo fosters a sense of respect and consideration. This is especially valuable to children. Participants are taught to strive for physical, intellectual and moral perfection, so they can not only improve their own life, but also contribute to the greater good.